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Bridj is a supercharged booking and fleet management platform that helps you deliver better travel experiences for your passengers. Our tech allows you to optimise your on-road service and digitise your work processes.

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Helping fleet operators and their passengers to move better

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why bridj

Built for operators, by operators

Firsthand experience delivering car, shuttle and bus fleet solutions has enabled us to understand the nuances between sectors and service models. With our partners, we've overcome real-world challenges to develop an industry leading product.
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Go further with less: expand the limits of your fleet coverage, with demand driven routing and the planning controls you need.
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Save time from processes: centralise your planning and operational workflows, enabling enhanced services with the ability to scale.
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Harness the power of AI: take the guess work out of matching customer demand to fleet availability, with our optimisation engines and data at your fingertips.
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Powerful tools to keep you moving


Pre-plan when your drivers and vehicles are on the road, then use our flexible tools to adapt on the fly.


Asset Management to control capacity, add specifications, record incidents, and more.


Know where your vehicles are, keep drivers on the right track, and support customers.


Push notifications and alerts help you keep your customers and team in the know.


Bookings received. Vehicles assigned. Routes optimised. Complexities simplified.


Enhance your services and meet your compliance requirements with data insights.
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Savings of 175,000+ km per annum

The fixed-route employee services were running inefficiently and even empty in some areas. The use of analogue operational systems and manual work processes offered limited insight into usage patterns, reducing the opportunity for TTS to make the efficiency improvements they desired.
Tom King
Client Relationship Manager

Just ask

Every service is unique, and so the needs of every client are different. The flexibility of our platform allows us to cater to a wide variety of use cases. If your requirements are bespoke, we will work with you to tailor the right solution. All that's left to do is ask.

What functionality comes 'out of the box'?
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Bridj comes loaded with the 'must haves' for a wide variety of use cases, but we also have the willingness and ability to add the 'nice to haves' you might desire for your particular business needs. We are continually adding new features to our platform and roadmap that build upon our strong foundations. Let's work together to meet your objectives.

Is Bridj better for 'on demand' or 'fixed route' services?
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Bridj allows you to create your service, your way. Whether you operate an On Demand or Fixed Route Model(or something in between) you'll have the power to configure your service using our intuitive zone designer. In our time, we have worked with car, shuttle and bus operators with different business models. If you have a requirement that doesn't quite fit the traditional mould, we would love to understand it, because where there is a will there is a way.

What type of clients or sectors do you work with?
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We work with a variety of transport clients in both the public and private sectors. We have a solution to help:

  • Public Transport authorities and operators looking to introduce demand driven, accessible and digital transport in their communities.
  • Major International, Local, Conference and Concert Events to better coordinate their car, shuttle and/or bus fleet services to their event passengers including operational personnel, VIPs and public attendees.
  • Companies to deliver staff transport more efficiently and sustainably  to and from their workplaces for their employees.  
  • School administrators and Charter Bus Operators looking to deliver more optimised school routes.
  • Health Care organisations that want to better manage and monitor the delivery of non-emergency medical transport to and from treatment centres;
  • Community transport providers seeking to modernise and scale by automating their booking management, fleet assignments and administration processes.
  • Whatever you do we'd love to help you move better!
Can I integrate Bridj with my existing systems?
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Yes. If you have specific use case requirements we are happy to collaborate on new features and integrations. We have helped our clients integrate with systems like:

  • 3rd party payment systems (ie. travel cards or account based wallets)
  • On board payment terminals
  • API feeds to live data
  • Accreditation and customer management systems
What is the benefit to data driven optimisation?
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Whether you want to run Fixed Route or On Demand transport, it's important to match your service to where the demand exists. Our platform captures a huge amount of data surrounding travel preferences including desired origins, destinations, preferred pick up and drop off times, conversions from searches to bookings, cancellations, no shows etc etc. You've got to walk before you can run, and Bridj's data insights help you continually enhance services into the future. So why not get started today?

How is Bridj hosted?
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Bridj is a Cloud Hosted SaaS product that comes with a 99.8% uptime commitment with infrastructure designed to scale with your needs. Bridj can deploy globally using a variety of top tier, fully certified cloud providers such as AWS and Azure. Security is paramount and our system meets GDPR and PCI compliance requirements.

Is Bridj certified for Information Security?
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Yes, Bridj is certified with ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems. Bridj places great importance on demonstrating to our clients that it is security aware, handles data with integrity and is in a position to mitigate potential damages in the event of a security incident.

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