What is bridj?

Simply put, we’re the best way to commute. When working professionals ride Bridj to and from work not only do they have access to free WiFi, but everyone on board has a reserved seat, so you can be productive while commuting or just get a few extra minutes of sleep. Also, each Bridj offers direct service, which means you save time by not having to transfer and experiencing way fewer stoops along the way. Powered by data and mobile technology, we’re able to optimize pick-ups, drop-offs, and routing based on demand.

What benefits are available for commuters?

Bridj qualifies for pre-tax benefits up to $130 a month because we are a mass transit company that meets the IRS requirements of selling passes for transit vehicles that seat more than 6 adults. It’s incredibly easy for a company to set this up as we’re treated the same as any other commuter benefit (public transit, biking, parking). Individuals can save more than $500 a year commuting on Bridj (as you can buy our passes with wages before they are taxed) and is a great perk for employees.

Why use Bridj?

  • As a smarter mass transit system we can cut commute times by up to 50%, while riding in an incredibly comfortable environment.

  • Our vehicles seat up to 14 people, which helps reduce the number of cars on the road and congestion on city streets.

  • Fares only costs between $3 and $5 a ride (before any employer subsidies or pre-tax benefits), so we’re a significantly less expensive option than rideshare services and only a few dollars more than public transit.

  • Our customers love us. Let them tell you why:

Sounds great! How do I get started?

If your employer offers subsidies for other commuting options like public transit or parking expenses ask them to consider matching these benefits for trips on Bridj. If they do not offer subsidies or have a pre-tax benefits program setup for commuting, it’s incredibly easy to get started. Many employers use third party companies, such as Edenred Commuter Benefits (who we’ve partnered with) and these companies can provide a prepaid transit card that you can use to reserve seats on Bridj.

Alternatively, some employers have simple rules for documentation and just require you to declare that you used mass transit for the amount you are requesting pre-tax. 

If you're a benefits coordinator or just an individual looking for more information feel free to contact us at support@Bridj.com to find out more about providing Bridj as an employee benefit.