Hey Android users!

You might have noticed that we recently incorporated the ability to save “work” and “home” addresses in our app. Today, we’re taking it one step further and introducing One Tap Trip Search!

We heard from many that you wanted saved work and home locations in the app, and after digging into our data, we realized that 85% of you are booking between two similar locations at the same time each morning and evening. Just giving you the option to save your addresses didn’t seem like enough, so we have developed a home screen that will appear each time you open the app, giving you the option to search for trips with one tap.

How it works:

Based on your current location and the time of day the app will either display an “I’m Going Home!” icon or an “I’m Going to Work!” icon. Your current location will automatically display below the icon, so you can be sure that you’re searching pickup locations nearby.

Still want to double check the addresses before purchasing? On the trip list screen you can see your origin and destination addresses.

Not interested in using the One Tap TripSearch? That’s ok! Tap the “I’m going somewhere else.” button to head back to the map screen.

Start using One Tap Trip Search to save your most frequently used addresses. You can also save or edit your favorite locations from your account page or the map screen.

P.S. iOS users, don’t be sad. We expect to roll out this feature to you in the coming weeks too!

Feedback and questions can be directed to support@bridj.com or through the support tab in the app.