You may have heard the news, or seen our sweet wheels rolling through your neighborhood- Bridj has arrived in Washington DC. We’ve been testing limited service in a few neighborhoods of DC, and we’re excited to announce full Bridj service in the morning & afternoon commute is coming soon.

Starting on August 3, we’ll be serving Cathedral Heights and Petworth residents traveling to Foggy Bottom, Farragut Square, and Metro Center. The 16th St. NW Corridor has been dealing with overcrowded public transit for years, and the frequent stops slow down everyone’s commute. We hope to help combat this issue with our express trips that can avoid heavily congested areas. On Bridj passengers experience fewer stops between start and end points, resulting in a quicker, more comfortable trip.


Trips are now available, and you can reserve your seat through the Bridj app. Just tell us where you want to go and we’ll match you up with your neighbors headed in the same direction. After a short walk to close by pick up point, you can track your ride as it arrives, show the driver your pass, and enjoy the most stress-free commute of your life. Fares range from $2-$5, and use code “nextstop” to take your first 10 rides for free. We’ll be operating in DC during the morning and afternoon commuting hours.

We’re so excited to hit the ground running in the nation’s capital. If this service area doesn’t work for you, don’t worry we’ll be expanding rapidly throughout the city. But you should still download the app and request a trip so our algorithm can use that data as part of our formula on when we expand.