A few of the team members took a trip yesterday to scope out the Harvard Square milkshake scene.  It's popular menu item in the Square with over 6 burger joints in a 1/4 mile radius. The milkshake experience at each of the 3 places we visited made our taste buds dance for different reasons. Find out who was victorious below and what else the shops have to offer.

We ordered the "Chocolate Frappe" for $5.50 + tax

Our first stop was at a "Harvard Landmark" that has a cozy atmosphere, with outdoor seating, and speedy service. Their menu is choc-ful of frappe flavors that will make your mouth water. Their Red Velvet Frappe sounded tempting, along with the other 30+ flavors that range from $5.50 (cheapest and smallest size) to $7.75 (largest and most expensive).

Score: 4.5/5

We ordered the "Chocolate Shake" for $5 + tax

The only place on the list to actually have the item of choice in its name, Shake Shack was far from a disappointment. The Shack is a new addition to the Boston/Cambridge scene, the shake selection is a total a ten unique flavors, from the Purple Cow Float to their Fair Shake for coffee lovers. Despite the measly 8 oz cup it comes in, the shake was rich in flavor and texture.


Score: 4/5

We enjoyed a “Chocolate Frappe” for $4 + tax

Most wouldn't think of ordering a shake at Charlie's, but why not. It had the cheapest price point of the bunch and although they only offer chocolate, vanilla & "special flavor" frappes, we decided to give their shake a shot. Charlie's Kitchen is all about the sit-down experience, so we took a seat at the bar and ordered three Chocolate Frappes. The frappe was topped with whipped cream and our tummies were pleased.

Score: 3/5

In the end, the winner was Mr. Bartley's Gourmet  Burgers' chocolate frappe. It was the perfect blend of creamy chocolate flavor and smooth texture. And you get more value for your money with 20 oz of shake ringing up at $5.50. Next time we're in the Square we'll have to give Tasty Burger, B. Good, & Flat Patties a shot (after the three places above we were in a shake coma). For now, we're still recovering from the delicious milkshakes that we had in the Yard. They sure brought it.