The Cambridge Innovation Center (a.k.a. CIC) is home to 600+ startups, including Bridj. We love our workspace for its prime location in Kendall Square, welcoming presence, diverse personalities, and of course the CIC's perks that remind us of being back in kindergarten!

1. Sharing is caring - at the CIC we share spaces, meeting areas, kitchens, and ideas.


2. Little snacks for hard workers.


3. The CIC encourages indoor voices (especially for those taking advantage of nap time).


4. Recess can be arranged.


5. Fun events for everyone! Instead of apple juice, there are adult beverages. 

If you're an early-stage startup or even a later-stage company looking for space, consider the CIC. We could be neighbors! Let us know what the favorite part about your workplace is in the comments below.

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