What’s your morning routine look like? If you like to grab a warm cup of coffee before grabbing your seat on a Bridj, check out one of our favorite coffee shops to make your morning commute even sweeter. 


Coolidge Corner

Peet’s Coffee and Tea- The coffee here is pretty great, plus this place knows how to cater to the tea aficionados. Check out their huge selection and you’ll find something nice to warm (and wake) you up this winter.

Paris Creperie- So maybe this one isn’t for every day, but once in a while, you just deserve a crepe smothered in Nutella. Pair it with a cup of hot coffee or a Nutella frozen hot chocolate.


Refuge Cafe- This spot has a very “Allston” vibe, serving up fair trade organic coffee and plenty of vegan/veggie friendly options.

In House Cafe- If you’re looking for a super friendly staff, a great menu, and a quality cup of coffee, this is your place.


PS Gourmet Coffee- If you like something sweet to wake you up, you’ll love PS Gourmet’s huge selection of flavors. Try a toasted marshmallow, Almond Joy mocha, or mint chocolate coffee. Nothing like a good sugar rush to wake you up.

Java House- Another Southie favorite, Java house also serves up a huge selection of sweet flavors. While you’re there, try a coffee cake or sticky bun to get the full experience.

Did we miss something? What’s your favorite local coffee shop?